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Zelia Pye

Zelia Pye

Zelia is a visionary guide, pathfinder and wisdom teacher, she has a joy for life and a deep love and respect for Mother Nature. For 17 years, Zelia has been teaching Shamanic Trance Dance and working in the field of shamanism, whilst evolving and growing the Shamanic Trance Dance Training School and the Shamanic Trance Dance Tribe. In 2015 Inspired by so many requests from her students Zelia began training individuals to become Shamanic Trance Dance Guides and Guardians, passing on her wealth of knowledge and experience. Zelia has a strong mission to grow the Shamanic Trance Dance Tribe, in order to empower others and for this powerful work to be accessible in many more locations throughout the UK, Europe and World wide. Her skills include: Guiding visionary shamanic trance dance, soul hunting retrieval, sweat lodge ceremony, energy work, ancestral healing, ceremonialist, fire keeper and minimal impact living. Zelia is a Chanupa Sacred Pipe carrier and has been given the blessing rites and teachings to hold Sacred Tobacco Prayer Ceremony and Sweat Lodge Ceremony in the design and ancient tradition from the Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan.

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It was on a synchronistic day in my 27th year that I was handed a book called ‘Trance Dance’ ‘ the dance of life’ written by Frank Natalie, as I read the book my heart began to race and my spirit vibrate with all that was written on the pages, all aligning with what I had been shown and experienced during my awakening, while living in a cave in the Himalayas. A deep knowing came from within, I realised I had to act, because I knew that this information was of great value to humanity and the awakening process. Once again I had to put my fears of being seen to one side, and step forward, the wisdom of my soul gave me no choice. For the desire to dance into trance to remember, heal, transform, realise and to be one with spirit, to experience directly the love of the creative spirit that flows through all things including myself, lit a fire within my heart that was so strong ! That fire was fuelled by my love for humanity, my love of our beautiful planet Earth, my love of our spiritual potential, my love of self realisation, my love of peace. So I stepped forward… That was 18 years ago now…. I look back over these 18 years and feel deeply humbled by the awakenings, transformations and self realisation that I have witnessed within the people who have participated in the many shamanic trance dance rituals that I have held. This work has profoundly nurtured me from the inside out, and given me the tools to navigate my life, express my creativity and live my dreams and visions.

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