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Stefan Camilleri

Stefan Camilleri

With well over 150 graduates from his teacher training programs and with more than 7 study trips to India under his belt, you can tell Stefan really loves teaching and sharing yoga. Stefan's graduates now run retreats and yoga studios around the world, while he lives a quieter life in Sri Lanka.

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The first job is to add some explanation for my at times very different approach. I wouldn’t want to study medicine with a doctor who got their certificate of a cereal box, and you likely feel the same about your yoga teacher. So, hey! My name is Stefan, and I do a lot of yoga. I’ve at times gotten so into different aspects of yoga I’ve managed to find the limits of my body and end up with injuries. That’s taught me a lot. I started my journey with very fashionable vinyasa yoga in Melbourne. After studying my first teacher training at The Australian Yoga Academy, I was convinced about the ‘power of the breath’ and how important it was to have killer playlists. To be fair, the training was a comprehensive introduction, but I needed more. My first revolution was in meeting the completely mad and truly incredible Sadie Nardini, who revolutionised the way that I moved and practised almost overnight. I was lucky enough to study and assist with her for about a year, giving an in-depth insight into what still is a fascinating way of approaching modern yoga. The second revolution happened when I travelled to India for the first time in 2014. I spent three months practising with some great teachers who challenged my already surprisingly entrenched belief system. I would go on to travel to India a further six times every year since to study more with amazing teachers like Pakej and Ashish Sharma and the infamous Usha Devi. I got hooked for a long time on the strictness, in-depth alignment and the structure that was offered by Iyengar yoga. My most recent revolution came through the persistent injuries I got from working too hard and rigidly in my alignment practice. I tried and failed to solve these issues with more of the same, and that didn’t work. What did happen was a lucky encounter with Simon Borg Olivier. I first came into contact with his content online before practising with him for a weekend in Perth when we both happened to be there. He’s practice helped me immensely, and within one weekend, he revolutionised my thinking on yoga and more. Since then, I’ve been studying as much as I can with Simon. I recently completed his 200hr training in Goa this past February, as well as finishing up all of the Yoga Synergy online courses just before starting the serious work on this course. So this is where I am with my practice, my understanding and my teaching now. I’ve been informed by what we could call pop-vinyasa yoga, Sadie Nardini’s fascinating approach, a massive detour into Iyengar and alignment and now Simons revolutionary approach yoga. I haven’t forgotten my roots, and the critical lessons learnt between my first yoga class and now. I will always share with you the most up to date ideas and best solutions available to me even when these new ideas contradict what I may have taught before.

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